Bonifatius Musical Fulda

Design/Concept | Animation | Rendering of the projections for Spotlight Musical´s "Bonifatius".

Nearly 250.000 frames and 1 TB of sequences later, the first of 7 shows began on 08.22.2019.

The screen we had to project on, couldn´t have been better – it was the whole front of the cathedral with 2160 x 3840px in total, plus 2 large LED Panels, placed left and right in front of the stage.


Client: Spotlight

Created by: Alexander Mink | Sven Sauer | Timo Dentler | Okarina Peter | Stefan Huber | Peter Scholz | Dennis Martin | Pia Virolainen

Copyright: Spotlight Musicals

Photocredit: Michael Eloy Werthmüller @ | Spotlight | mecom vision | satis&fy | Sven Sauer

Official Website:

Unseen westeros animation | Book-cover

In 2017 I was asked if I was interested to participate in creating the trailer to the upcoming exhibition "UNSEEN WESTEROS" – and of course I said: YES!

The exhibition is all about the unseen places of George R.R. Martins amazing novels "A Song of Ice and Fire" – the foundation on which the famous TV-series started. Unfortunately we´re not able to see all the mysterious places they´re often talking about in the series. But Sven Sauer, George R.R. Martin and a bunch (40!) of the VFX and Mattepainting artists from the TV-Series decided not to let us stay in the dark any longer. The exhibition is showing 50 unseen places which have never been seen before.

Generali - Future Trends

Motion-Design begegnet uns heute nahezu überall – unabhängig davon ob Sie eine Animation oder ein Erklärstück für Ihre neue Software, Ihr Produkt oder Ihre Dienstleistung benötigen – kontaktieren Sie mich für ein erstes Gespräch.

No matter if you want to have an animation for your latest ground-breaking software, product or service, just contact me for further information and for working out a solid concept.


Das Showreel darf an dieser Stelle nicht öffentlich gezeigt werden.

Sollten Sie interessiert sein, schreiben Sie mir eine kurze Nachricht oder rufen Sie mich an.

Unfortunately I´m not allowed to show this reel without password-protection, due to some NDAs from the past. If you´re interested in watching it, just send me a message or give me a call.